Knowing All About Tea in Singapore

05 Apr

Your house is incomplete if you do not have tea to serve yourself or your guests. Most households buy tea online in Singapore when they do not have the time to shop after working hours. That is how important tea is. For other cultures, tea is a want and not a necessity that is why only a limited number of people always make it a point to have tea in their homes. In contrast to some cultures, tea has been a part of their daily lives seeping in through their deepest roots that is why every establishment, hotel, and household always has tea stored in their cupboards.

Tea leaves that are available in Singapore are commonly packed in three ways: in a teabag, in a carton, and in a caddy. Their differences come from the sizes of the tea leaves within them. Teabags have smaller grades of tea leaves. Because of their small size, they take less time to immerse. Caddies have big chunks of leaves or whole tea leaves in them which make the infusion of tea leaves longer. Lastly, cartons of tea contain a mixture of small grade tea leaves and whole tea leaves in them. It is your decision on what your preference is. Nevertheless, you must cautiously decide where to buy tea leaves in Singapore because you do not want to get a run for your money leaving you with low quality tea to keep your entourage company.

To get your money’s worth, you must read reviews about online stores or e-boutiques who solely specialize in selling tea. Reading other people’s comments, criticism, and opinion regarding certain shops online will help you find the best place to buy tea from. Since tea must be properly planted in the right temperature and harvested at the right time, your supplier must be credible and skilled in his field. Buying from unknown sources or negatively reviewed shops might give you unnecessary expenditures for your health by unintentionally drinking dangerous chemicals and metals. The soil might be contaminated making you prone to life-threatening diseases. If you continue to buy from unknown sources because they are cheap while unknowingly drinking in metals or chemicals which are harmful to your body, you might experience organ failures combined with excruciating pain.

After making sure you have successfully located a store to buy from, decide what type of tea you will be drinking. There are a lot of different types of tea like black tea, green tea, and many more. They offer different health benefits to the consumer. Black, white, oolong, and green tea all come from the same species of plant, but the outcome differs through oxidation giving you a different taste per type of tea. Since they have varying oxidation periods, their caffeine content also varies. Black is the most concentrated in caffeine content of them all followed by oolong, green, and white tea. It all boils down as to what taste you want or what type of disease you may want to avoid with the help of tea.

In conclusion, make sure that your tea supplier is reliable to prevent any other health problems. Determine what type of tea you want. Your preference may depend on its taste, caffeine level, or health benefit. Lastly, enjoy the delicacy of drinking tea in your home.


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