Partake of Good Korean Food in Singapore

20 Dec

While in Singapore, have a good Korean food adventure! It can be a solo order or for a small group of three to four people. Eat the Korean fried chicken as specialty.

Group Meal For Two to Three People

In being with one to two companions, share good Korean food in Singapore. The Baby Octopus with Pork Belly is enticing! Pair it with the Spicy Rice Cake with Seafood soup. Add one steamed rice with Pan-Fried Squid and Bibimbab as side dishes. Also, savor the taste of Korean Barley Tea. The meal can also have Cheese Steamed Egg.

Group Meal For Three to Four People

The person can eat good Korean food in Singapore. Along with two to three companions, try the Set Menu. From the Main Menu, the spicy-stir Korean chicken in Singapore looks promising. This Korean restaurant has the chicken selection as its specialty. Then, partake of the Spicy Kimchi Stew for the soup.

The choice of Chive Pancake is a great combination to the main dish and soup. Add Injeolmi Bingsu for the dessert. Korean bingsu is regarded as a must-try! It tastes sweet and mouth-watering. These meal selections prove worthy on a regular lunch day.

Individual Meals

Good Korean food in Singapore also includes noodles. To create a funny look on the teeth, try the Black Noodles. Cool the stomach temperature with Cold Noodles. Go for Japanese style Ramen Noodles. For handmade wheat flour kind, eat the Kalguksu noodles. As for thinness, the Stir-Fried Glass Noodles also has other ingredients.

There are also great pancakes that make an awesome snack. In this restaurant, eat it with Korean Barley Tea. A taste of Kimchi Pancake makes the person feel like a genuine Korean. Fresh catch from the sea is savored with the Seafood Pancake. Have a Western slice of Bacon Pancake.

Apart from the noodles and pancakes, there is the specialty Korean fried chicken in Singapore. In particular, the Soy Sauce kind is tempting for its boneless way! Pair it with the classic fried chicken. There is also a choice of Carbonara Chicken. Add the side dish of Fried Wedge Potatoes.

Bingsu For Dessert

For an interesting dessert, Koreans enjoy the sweet taste of bingsu. It contains milk snowflake shaved ice. There are many kinds for the Singaporean resident and visitor to try. Fondness for Red Bean, Injeolmi, Yogurt, Green Grape, and Traditional can develop. At the same time, there can be an addiction for the other kinds. These are Taro, Mango, Choco Brownie, Cheese, Matcha, and Black Sesame.

Choice of Beverage

Make the meal complete by adding a beverage. Smell the aroma of hot or cold Americano or Cafe Latte for the coffee. Soothe the stomach with Lemon or Citron Tea - hot or cold. There are also cold sodas and juices to complement good Korean food in Singapore. In addition, fill the night with alcoholic drinks. There is the Korean Soju, Draft Beer, and Wine. Try the Soju that is unique to Korean culture.

Appreciate how Koreans prepare their good food in Singapore. The choice of rice, noodles, bingsu, and beverage is varied. Tempting as they look, their taste is likewise savory.

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