Would You Like to Try Salted Egg Yolk

19 Apr

If you're going to choose a snack you would enjoy, what would you have in mind? A lot of us would really be thinking a lot about chips, pastries, and some sodas, right? But these are the usual stuff we get and since they are common, they are also easy to find.

Let us admit it, people would love to gather to eat. Or rather, we would like to come together, talk, watch TV or our favourite series while eating. We can’t explain it but really, everything we do seems a bit more fun and exciting over food. This is the reason why we would spend a lot of time scouting the best places where we could have a good drink or meal. But have you ever thought of introducing something new to the bunch? Like buying something most of you haven’t had before? Like what? Like salted egg yolk chips


What are these?

We understand that in order for us to really have fun, we need to be able to enjoy the food we are having. We understand that there are people that could be conservative and would not want to try on something new especially, what are salted egg chips? Like, do they really exist and would we enjoy it?

We totally understand these types of sentiments as it may be really odd for some to think about. But if in case this is the first time you have known about them, do not be a bit confused by thinking that these are literally salted eggs that were fried to crisp. Of course not! These are potato chips that are flavoured with salted egg. Would it taste good? Well, in honesty, it depends.

But if ever you are curious, we can help you find the best place you can get this from. In fact, a lot of people think of where to buy salted egg chips in Singapore


Where Can I Get Them

We understand that these kinds of chips are not really that in yet when it comes to different countries but the things is, you can actually het them anywhere.

People say that the best ones are found in Singapore and though you can actually dine and shop until you want, you can still get your phone and look for the specific shops where you can get them.

So, where exactly can you buy them? Here is what you would need to know: some people might think that these are special snacks that they need to look for would they want to try and munch on them. Well, if you go to Singapore, you can actually find them sold in any stores. If you are a tourist, you can find them in gift and or food shops. Or if you really do not have time to stroll and look for them, you may want to buy them online.

Do not worry about the price as they are affordable too. And if you're worried that your friend will not like it, well you would have to rely on its positive reviews.

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